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The safety of players and anyone that attends a Merrick Bellmore Little League event is our top priority. It is important to understand that safety is "everyone's job". Prevention is the key to keeping accidents to a minimum.  Players should wear Little League approved helmets and other equipment to keep them safe while playing.

Safety Tips for Parents
1- Please bring your cell phone to games or practice

2- Promptly pick up your child from practice and games

3- Make sure the coach has your current contact information

4- On very hot summer days, make sure that both you and your child drink plenty of liquids. Bring extra water to practices and games.

5- During hot days of summer, wear sunscreen and a hat or sunglasses. 

Safety Gear for Players 

1- Properly fitted rubber soled cleats
2- Baseball Cap
3- Batting Helmet
4- Baseball: Youth Protective Cup
5- Softball: Face Mask
6- REMOVE ALL JEWELRY- under Little League rules, only medical bracelets are permitted
7- Sunscreen In warm/hot weather, please encourage children to wear sunscreen.
8- Bottle of water, Bring extra water for hot days.

Safety Gear for Catchers
1- Catcher’s Mitt 
2- Catcher’s Helmet (hockey style or traditional - - hard skull caps as worn by some MLB players are not permitted)
3- Face Mask 
4- Throat Protector 
5- Long-style Chest Protector w/ crotch guard
6- Catcher’s Cup
7- Shin Guards


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